Internet and Cell Service

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Internet and Cell Service FAQs

We will try to answer your questions about these two very important issues. We want to make sure you understand the technological challenges in WWS.

The provided information is intended as a starting point for your research. Shop around, compare prices, compare services, and decide which providers make the most sense for you and your family. We do not endorse or guarantee any of the services or providers listed. If you find providers and services that we should include in these lists, please let us know!

  • What internet services are available in WWS?
    • Fiber-optic and DSL internet services are not available in our neighborhood. This poses a potential issue for those that work or school from home, download and upload, stream videos or games, conduct Zoom type meetings, attend doctors appointments by video, etc. Most providers that service WWS have significant data caps that could prove expensive or problematic. However, internet services are provided to WWS by a number of satellite and wireless internet providers.
    • We are always interested in finding ways to overcome this challenge and continue to work to find solutions.
    • Please note that all internet and cell providers are not available in all areas of Whitewater Springs. Please check with the provider for availability at your address location.
  • What is the cell phone coverage in WWS?
    • This varies from lot to lot and provider to provider and proves challenging.
    • You are encouraged to try your cell service on the lot of interest and see if you have a signal.

The Back Story

Let’s be clear, most everyone is in favor of WWS having high-speed internet. This is something each board has worked on since 2008. However, at this time there is not a solution in the works. Being a remote neighborhood surrounded by the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, poses several challenges. However, we continue to look for high-speed internet solutions. In the meantime, here is the history of our search.

We have looked into local, state, and federal funding. However, the rural location of our community and being adjacent to the Balcones Canyonlands National Wild Refuge creates obstacles that add to the cost of creating the infrastructure. Since 2008 high-speed internet access has been talked about and researched. However, for various reasons the community has not found an acceptable high-speed option for WWS.

In 2020 we took a deep look into possible ways to provide high-speed internet to WWS. We talked to over 72 internet providers and that search netted us 2 possibilities. Both companies would require the installation of 1 – 3 freestanding metal triangular towers standing 40′ – 80′ in height. They would be placed in various locations on common POA property. We were told that this should provide service to all WWS residents. Additionally, the cost of each tower was estimated at $25k – $30k, in addition to regular maintenance costs. All of these costs would be the responsibility of the entire WWS community. The service would provide download speeds from 8 mbps – 25 mbps. Upload speeds would range from 2 mbps – 5 mbps.  Estimated costs per user $65 – $120 per month. At this time there is no intention to move forward with this option.

You can find a list of area Service Providers HERE.

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