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Frequently Asked Questions from Home Owners

The easiest way to remit payment is to register on Townsquare and pay online.

You can do this at www.townsq.io You can also access this information from www.goodwintx.com/payonline

If you would like to mail in a check you may remit payment to:

Whitewater Springs Property Owners Association, Inc.

c/o Goodwin Processing Center

PO Box 93447

Las Vegas NV 89193

Any further questions can be submitted via info@goodwintx.com.

Yes! By using USPS Informed Delivery, you can track your mail by signing up to receive emails from the Post Office.  Each day, you will receive a notice as to what mail and packages will be delivered that day. This will save you time and energy by sparing you a trip to the mailboxes when there is nothing in your box!  You will also be notified when a package has arrived and whether it has been delivered into your mailbox, one of the parcel boxes or if it needs to be picked up at the Post Office in Bertram.  Sign up for Informed Delivery HERE  In addition, it’s quick and easy to place your mail on hold while on vacation for up to 30 days. Click HERE to set up a hold schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Website

Although meeting notices and approved minutes used to be available on this site, the Board had concerns about posting private community business on the website because it is open to the public and does not have a “members only” function. As such, the Board acted at the November 15, 2022, Regular Board Meeting to assure privacy of these records. In a motion, which was approved unanimously, the Board determined that moving forward all Agendas and Meeting notes would be posted on our management company Goodwin’s Town Square website which has a secure login feature for Whitewater Springs owners. Meeting materials are on TownSquare for 2022 and beyond. Signing up for access to these records is easy. Just CLICK HERE to create an account on Town Square. For meeting materials prior to 2022 contact team@wwspoa.com.

This website used to contain hundreds of archival documents which were difficult to organize, and the sheer volume slowed down the website and page load times. All these documents have been safely downloaded to the Whitewater Springs team DropBox folders so that we have easy access to them moving forward. Rest assured that all documents have been retained and Whitewater Springs is in full compliance with the Texas Property Code regarding record retention and access for our owners. If you ever need a document, please reach out to team@wwspoa.com.

Frequently Asked Questions from Prospective Buyers

This is a gated neighborhood. All prospective buyers must be accompanied by a licensed Real Estate agent while searching for your dream location. Buyer Agents can get a gate code from the Seller Agent. Please remember accessing the community without proper credentials is trespassing.

We are part of the Burnet ISD and local school buses do make pick-ups and drop-offs at the front of our neighborhood by the mailboxes.

Internet and cell phone reception proves to be challenging due to the terrain and remote nature of this area. However, there are several options that are available. More information is available HERE.

    • Link Here for Whitewater Springs Building Guidelines Policy.

All home builds are subjected to an approval process by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Prior to any work beginning, please read all of the documentation available HERE.

Sections of Whitewater Springs are protected habitats for endangered species; thus, some lots fall under restrictions pertaining to land clearing during certain times of the year. You are encouraged to review this information prior to purchasing your lot. Learn more HERE.

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