New Home Construction

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New Home Construction

Welcome to Whitewater Springs!  Building a new home is an exciting time and we want to help ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible so that you can move in and start enjoying the beautiful community we call home. 

To speed you along the path, the Property Owners Association has developed procedures for property owners to submit your plans and receive approval from our Architectural Control Committee.  These procedures have been designed to ensure that every request is handled consistently and fairly. Please begin by reading the materials below so that you can gain a better understanding of the community requirements as well as the steps to get your project approved. 

Required Reading

Owning property in Whitewater Springs requires each property owner to adhere to and follow the Conditions Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs). The Conditions Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs) exist to protect the beauty of the subdivision as well as the value of all owners’ properties. Link here to the CC&Rs.

General Building Requirements – This document will give you all of the basic requirements for building in Whitewater Springs.

Firewise Construction Checklist – Read this valuable resource for building a Firewise home.

Firewise Landscaping Checklist – Read this valuable resource for planning for a Firewise landscape. 

Land Clearing – Before you clear your land you need to determine if your lot is located in a protected wildlife area. Lots in protected areas are limited to the times of year that they can commence land clearing. Additionally, you will need to review the requirements on land clearing, mulching, or removing cleared tree debris.

Security and Access for Contractors –Since Whitewater Springs is a gated community, all contractors and builders must contact Whitewater Springs Security for obtaining access through the entrance gates. 

Submitting Plans for New Home Construction

For your convenience, Whitewater Springs has an online process via TownSquare for submitting all required forms and fees.  The instructions below will lead you through this process.  Please read all of the steps first, then follow carefully as you will not be able to complete the process without the required documentation.

First Steps

  1. Set up a 911 address for your property via Burnet County. Follow this link to learn more about this process.  CLICK HERE.  Having a 911 address will help emergency personnel find your jobsite in the event of an emergency. 
  2. Set up a Town Square account with our management company Goodwin.  To do this, you must have your account number. This can be found on the closing documentation you received when you bought your property.  If you cannot locate it, you can reach out to our Community Manager, Aaron Weinkrantz at  Once you have your account number, you can set up your Town Square account HERE.
  3. Once your Town Square account is set up, utilize the “Requests” tab on the left side of the page to request that your address be updated to reflect your new 911 address. 
  4. Once your Town Square account is set up, login and pay the Road Impact Fee which is required for all new home builds.  Find and click “Check My Payments” in the center of the page.  Then click “Make a Payment”, then “One Time Payment.”  Enter $3,816 into the box provided.  Please note this is a pre-payment and will not be reflected in any Account Balance you may have.  Select your payment method and complete your transaction.  Remember, your application will not be considered complete until your payment is received.

Next Steps

Collect ALL of the required documentation, outlined below, before starting your application. Once you start the application process, you will not be able to save a partial application, so please make sure you have everything before starting. Please also note that all forms submitted must be in an electronic format such as pdfs, jpgs or word documents.

Required Information for Your Application

  • Contact information for you and your builder.
  • 911 Street Address and Lot Number
  • Certificate of Builder’s Liability Insurance.
  • Determine the type/brand/model of the Aerobic Septic System you will be using.
  • Copy of the On-Site Sewerage Facilities (OSSF) Permit from Burnet County.
  • Copy of Building Permit from Burnet County.
  • Current survey by a licensed professional surveyor showing all applicable setbacks, the location of all planned structures, the driveway, and septic system with spray-fields indicated.
  • Construction plans for the primary residence (2,000 square feet minimum with a two-car garage) and all other structures including front/back/side elevations, interior floor plan, and all colors and materials specified. 
  • Plans for any bridge, culvert, or crossing that will be necessary to access your property.

Final Step

You are now ready to complete your application online via TownSquare.  Follow these steps.

  • Logon to your TownSquare account. HERE
  • It is important to know that you must logon using a browser on your computer.  The Architectural Review system is not operable on the TownSq app. 
  • Using the menu on the left side of the page, select “Architectural Review.” If you don’t see “Architectural Review” you may need to open the “Tools” folder, also on the left side of the page.   
  • When the page opens, select “Submit Project.”
    • In the field entitled “Select Unit” type in your 911 address or your lot number.  Two-digit lot numbers should be proceeded by a 0.  For example, lot “99” would be “099”. The system may autofill based on the first few digits.  Select and move to the next field.
    • Name your project, for example: “Jones New Home.”
    • From the Category dropdown, select “New Home Construction.”
  • You will now complete your application using the materials you have already collected.  Make sure to answer every question or place N/A in the provided field.  Once complete, press “Continue” in the upper right-hand corner.  If you are unable to continue, it may be because you did not complete one of the fields.  Go back and review your application to make sure all fields are filled out or the proper document is uploaded.  Remember, there is not an option to save a partial application, so make sure to collect everything before starting.
  • REMEMBER, when all your application materials have been submitted and Road Impact Fee is paid, the ACC requires up to 30 days to review and approve/disapprove plans. Please allow plenty of time before planning the start of construction.
  • All submitted materials are considered personal and confidential.  Read our Confidentiality Policy HERE

Questions or concerns about this committee or the contents of this page can be directed to the Chairman at or the Whitewater Springs Property Owners Association Board of Directors at

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