Calendar of Events

WWS Resident Photo: Melissa Cheatwood
Currently, there are no events planned. Please check back later.


The Whitewater Springs POA Board of Directors meet on a regular basis to make business decisions on behalf of the community and to discuss opportunities in the community.

All owners are encouraged and welcome to attend these meetings.


  • Meeting dates posted here are considered tentative until the Meeting. Announcement/Agenda is posted at the Front Kiosk and Emailed to all Owners that are registered with TownSq.
  • “Regular” POA Meetings are generally held at the Bertram Library at 6:30 p.m.
  • “Special Meetings” may be held in-person (at a location to be announced) or via teleconference.
  • Teleconference or phone in meetings will be available via Zoom. Please see the Meeting Agenda posted on Goodwin’s TownSq website for instructions.
  • All meeting notices and approved minutes are available on Goodwin’s TownSq website. Sign Up HERE to receive notification when new documents become available. Archival documents are available by contacting
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