General Building Requirements

WWS Resident Photo: Melissa Cheatwood

General Building Requirements

General Information

  • You are responsible for reading and complying with all applicable Conditions Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs) regarding the development of your property and the building of your home.
  • The information below is intended to help you with your build but does not replace the Conditions Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs). The Conditions Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are the final word and ruling to all build questions.
  • Please note that NO construction or exterior improvements may be made without written permission of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). 

Building Requirements

  • Square Footage – A minimum of 2,000 square feet of conditioned living space is required. This does not include garages, porches, patios. (Whitewater Springs CC&Rs Article IV Section 2)
  • Garages – Each home must have a minimum of one garage, either attached or detached for two or more cars parked side by side. (6th Amendment to the Whitewater Springs CC&Rs)
  • Exterior Finishes – Whitewater Springs has no requirement for exterior finishes, except that no residential house, its associated garage and/or guest house may have an exterior metal finish.  (6th Amendment to the Whitewater Springs CC&Rs)
  • Roofs – Residential houses, garages, and/or guest houses may have a metal roof of a color and finish that is in harmony with existing Whitewater Springs Subdivision residential structures. (6th Amendment to the Whitewater Springs CC&Rs)
  • Construction – Homes shall be constructed of wood or steel framed and must be constructed completely on the approved building site on the legally plotted tract within the subdivision. Constructed onsite residential house does not include a house constructed in a factory or similar facility. Therefore, modular buildings/homes, and mobile/manufactured homes and buildings are not permitted in the subdivision for residential use. ln addition, a “barndominiums” style house designed as a storage building or barn structure that has been repurposed by the addition of living areas are prohibited in the subdivision, because a “barndominiums” style home has use purposes other than as a single-family home.” (6th Amendment to the Whitewater Springs CC&Rs)
  • Set Back Requirements – No dwelling or garage shall be placed nearer than one hundred (100) feet from the property’s platted front property line, nor fifteen (15) feet from an adjacent owner’s platted property line, or as shown on the plat of this section. Resolution # 083018A
    No barn shed, or outbuilding shall be placed nearer to the property’s platted front property line than one hundred (100) feet, nor nearer to the property’s platted side line than twenty-five (25) feet nor nearer the front than the primary dwelling. Resolution #083018A

Contractor Guidelines – Owners are responsible for making sure their builders and contractors adhere to the following guidelines.  Please note that the WWS POA has adopted a schedule of fines for violations.

  • After approval of application by the ACC and PRIOR TO BEGINNING ANY NEW CONSTRUCTION on the identified lot, install a temporary driveway from “street-to-slab” of at least four (4) inches of compacted rock, gravel, crushed limestone, or better material (no clay/rock mixture) to prevent the tracking of mud onto the streets of the subdivision.
  • Construction Hours – Exterior building: Monday-Saturday between sunrise and sunset.  No work will be permitted on Sundays and/or select National holidays. These are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
    Interior construction: No construction hour limitations if it causes no disruption to neighbors.
    Note: Concrete pour and finishing activities may occur may only occur during permitted construction hours
    Deliveries: Delivery of construction materials (e.g., on-site ready-mix concrete and building supplies) may be delivered to an active construction site between the hours of 5:30 A. M. and sunset on the days of Monday through Saturday.
  • No loud (audible beyond property lines) music allowed.
  • All on-site stored construction materials must not be stored within 15 feet of any property line. In addition, all construction equipment and materials MUST be confined to the construction site.
  • Any slash from clearing of the site will be removed or mulched within 30 days.
  • Place a solid metal debris dumpster immediately upon beginning new home and guest house construction. Site must be policed DAILY by the property owner and/or his designee prior to workers leaving the site and all debris placed in the appropriate containers.
  • Instruct all contractors/sub-contractors for the project to obey the posted 30 mph speed limit while driving inside the subdivision and to watch for pedestrians (the subdivision roadways are used by residents for walking/jogging/bike riding).
  • Repair or reimburse the Whitewater Springs Property Owners Association for any damages that occur, due to his/her crew and/or any sub- contractors, to any roads or common areas during the construction/installation at the identified tract.
  • Use only rubber-tired vehicles on the streets and roads of the Whitewater Springs subdivision. No tracked or lugged vehicles will be allowed.
  • Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, building codes and regulations that are requirements in connection with this work, and obtain any necessary government permits and approvals.
  • At the start of construction, each contractor/subcontractor may place no more than one (1) contractor sign on the property of construction. Each sign may not be any larger than 3’ x 2.5’ in size with the top of the sign being no higher than three (3) feet above the ground. The signs must be removed immediately upon the closing of the property, or completion of the project/installation.
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