Service Providers

WWS Resident Photo: Melissa Cheatwood

Local Service Providers

*The following list is provided as a courtesy and should not imply a recommendation or endorsement by the Whitewater Springs POA or its Board of Directors. This is merely a starting point for your search and providers your neighbors have used. If you find there are additional providers we should include, remove, etc., please let us know. Email us at

*Please note that all internet and cell providers are not available in all areas of Whitewater Springs. Please check with the provider for availability at your address location.

  • Land Clearing and Mulching
  • Phone Service
    • Cell
    • Landline & Front Gate Call Box
      • Frontier
        • Their service also works with our front gate. Guests can call you via the intercom at the gate. You and you can open the gate for them. Contact Security with your phone number, once it is installed. The gate service does not work with cell phones.
  • Property Management Company for WWS
  • Recycling Services
    • Local recycling pickup is not available at this time. Many in the community take their recyclables to a local recycling station.
  • Septic Design, Installation, and Service
    • Aerobic Septic Systems
  • Trash Service
  • Water Company
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
    • Loren Pechonis 1-512-771-2924
      • Licensed Texas Wildlife Rehabber and WWS resident.
      • Specializes in opossums and other small animals like raccoons and foxes.
      • Please text photos and information about the animal and situation. Messages and texts will be returned after work.
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