Dark Skies

WWS Resident Photo: Melissa Cheatwood

Enjoying Whitewater Springs’ Dark Skies

Many people in Whitewater Springs enjoy the natural nighttime environment without the illumination of exterior lighting.  Protection and restoration of the natural nighttime environment is an important goal of those who enjoy star-gazing, night-time wildlife watching, and who take awe in the natural light.

Even during the few short years that Whitewater Springs has been in existence our night skies have become more difficult to enjoy due to un-shielded, overly bright, or excessive lights here in our community, as well as the glow from surrounding cities and towns.

What can you do to help?

  • Use lighting when and where it’s needed.
  • When safety is a concern, consider installing motion detector lights and timers.
  • Consider shielding outdoor lights or using down-lighting.
  • Consider keeping blinds drawn to keep light inside.
  • When practical, consider using separate switches so that you can turn on only those outdoor lights that are needed for a specific purpose.

Below we have provided some additional links on the Dark Skies movement from the International Dark-Sky Association.

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