Firewise Committee

Whitewater Springs is a member of Firewise USA®. The Firewise USA® program is administered by NFPA® and is co-sponsored by the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters.  The Firewise Program educates neighbors in a geographic area on how to protect your neighborhood against wildfires and take action to increase the ignition resistance of their homes and community and to reduce wildfire risks at the local level.

The safety of the residents of our community is a shared responsibility between the residents, homeowners, and property owners. Homeowners and property owners can find a wide variety of information on how to prepare your homes, property, and lives for wildfire in the following brochures.

The Whitewater Springs Firewise committee is chaired by Glenn Stevens. For more information or to volunteer, contact him at

Important Information for all Owners

  • One of the requirements to be a Firewise Community is to have a Wildfire Risk Assessment conducted every 5 years. This survey is performed by the Texas A&M Forest Service. The State Forester, who is the the Wildland Urban Coordinator, examines the ease with which structure ignitions could occur under severe wildfire conditions and how these ignitions might be avoided within the home ignition zones of affected residents. You can download the report by clicking on the following link:  Click Here
  • Firewise Landscape Checklist: Click Here
  • Firewise Landscaping in Texas: Click Here
  • Texas Flame Ratings for Common Plants: Click Here
  • Firewise Home Efforts: Click Here
  • Fire Safety for Texas: Click Here
  • Be Embers Aware: Click Here
  • Firewise Construction Information: Click Here

Outdoor Burning

The safest way to dispose of vegetation debris from your property is to haul it off. Those intent on burning need to follow proper safety guidelines.

  1. You must notify Burnet County Sheriff’s Office in advance of your burn by calling 512-756-8080. You must call each day that you burn.
  2. Burning hours are 1 hour past sunrise until 5:00 PM. The fire must be completely out 1 hour before sunset.
  3. You may only burn natural products generated from your land. You MAY NOT burn electrical products, treated or painted lumber, plastic, rubber, shingles, paint, oil, etc.
  4. Your fire must be at least 300’ from the nearest structure.
  5. Do not burn on windy days. Be considerate of your neighbors so that your smoke does not violate their right to clean air. Also be aware of your smoke drifting across roadways causing safety hazards.
  6. The immediate area around your burn site should be free of debris, brush, or overhanging limbs. A BURN BARREL is safer than an open fire on the ground.
  7. The fire must be TENDED AT ALL TIMES with a shovel, rake, and a hose connected to a reliable water source.
  8. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you ever feel that your fire is getting out of control.
  9. For First Responders to accurately locate your property, please post your address at the end of your driveway using reflective numbers.

If you must burn, please follow these guidelines and have a safe controlled burn.

Glenn Stevens 

Firewise Chairman                                                                                                                                                

Questions or concerns about this committee or the contents of this page can be directed to the Chairman or the Whitewater Springs Property Owners Association Board of Directors at

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