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When exiting the front gate, make sure to maintain your speed and stay close to the right side and come to a complete stop at the red line. This will trigger the gate to open. Please note approaching the gate too slowly may prevent the trigger from opening properly. If you are unable to trigger the exit gate sensor, you may use the exit keypad with your gate code to open it.


The community’s front gate is controlled by a keypad.  Each resident and property owner will be given a four-digit access code.  New owners can obtain an access code by emailing after you officially close on your property.  Please, do not share your gate code with anyone outside your immediate family.

If we find that you are giving out your personal gate code to anyone outside your immediate family, the Community Access Committee and the POA Board of Directors reserve the right to disable your gate code and issue a new one.

The gate can also be opened with an RFID tag placed on your vehicle.  Residents can request tags by emailing  Two will be provided by the POA.  Any additional will be $15 each and will be billed to you via Goodwin.


Visitors will gain access by using the call box at the main gate using the following procedure:  

Each resident’s name will be in the call box and can be displayed in the information window on the box by pressing the large buttons (A – Z) on the front of the call box.  The names will scroll once per press of the button, or if you hold it down it will scroll faster.  It starts in the middle of the alphabet.  

  1. When the desired resident’s name appears in the information window, the visitor will press the large call button. This action will dial the phone of the displayed residence and their phone will ring. The resident answers the phone, identifies the guest, and presses 9 on the phone. This will cause the gate to open, and the call will be disconnected.    
  2. Residents can use landlines or cell phones.  Cell phones can remotely open the gate from anywhere cell service is available.     
  3. If using your cell phone number at the box is not successful, you will need to make other arrangements to allow access to your guests, preferably by escorting them from the gate.
  4. Keep in mind that cell phone service is not always reliable at the gate, so it is recommended you make arrangements before your guests arrive.


  1. If you are building a home or wish to provide access to a contractor, please contact The contractor will be provided a unique code separate from your personal code. This enables us to log which contractors have entered the community and when they were on site.  Please keep in mind that gate codes provided to contractors will be valid for a limited time and will expire.  
  2. Subcontractors will use the same procedure and will use the code issued to the contractor.
  3. Most delivery services, vendors, and service providers who service Whitewater Springs regularly have already been provided a gate code; therefore, you do not need to give them one. If you have a vendor who needs access, please contact for guidance.


When a property owner needs the services of a real estate agent, the PROPERTY OWNER will need to request an access code for the agent through the Community Access Committee, Once the need is established, the owner will be issued a temporary realtor code which they can share with the agent.  This code will only work during daytime hours and will be set to expire on a given date or when the property is sold.  Please, DO NOT give your personal gate code to any real estate agents or potential buyers. 

Questions or concerns about this committee or the contents of this page can be directed to or the Whitewater Springs Property Owners Association Board of Directors at

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