Endangered Species Bird Information

WWS Resident Photo: Melissa Cheatwood

WWS Endangered Species Bird Information- Updated September 26, 2018*

Whitewater Springs Subdivision (WWS) located in the center of the Texas Canyon Lands, covers an area of over 1,650-acres containing 512 single family lots and over 450-acres of undisturbed common areas. Besides being a beautiful area of Texas with rolling hills, vista views, and Cow Creek; WWS is abundant in flora and fauna species-including the Golden-Cheek Warbler.  Approximately 146-acres of WWS is designated as a Federal Protected Golden-Cheek Warbler (GCW) habitat area which has certain associated building and lot clearing restriction. Within and immediately adjacent to the 146-acres, clearing of vegetation during the GCW breeding season may occur only during non-breeding season (August 1 through March 1), unless a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permitted biologist conducts a survey that indicates no GCWs are within 300 feet of the proposed clearing.

Documents that pertain to the Federal Permit are here for you review.

Please review these documents prior to purchasing your lot, clearing or building to ensure you are following the regulations that may apply. 

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