Land Clearing

WWS Resident Photo: Melissa Cheatwood

Whitewater Springs Guidelines for Property Clearing

Welcome to our Community!

To preserve the natural beauty of Whitewater Springs and protect our wildlife the following requirements must be followed before clearing your lot.

  • Be aware that if your property/lot lies in or within 300 feet of the Golden-Cheeked Warbler (GCW) habitat. You may NOT clear vegetation or commence work activities during the period of March 1st through August 1st of any year, unless a breeding season survey(s), performed by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) permitted biologist, indicates that no GCWs are present within 300 feet of the desired clearing or building activity. Also, please be aware that failure to comply may result in the Property Owners Association (POA) Board reporting the matter to the appropriate USFWS Office. Click Here for a list of impacted properties.
  • Accessing your property via common areas or a neighbor’s property is trespassing and prohibited, without permission from the POA Board or Property Owner.
  • In Whitewater Springs our endangered species permit requires us to follow Texas A&M Forest Service recommendations to prevent oak wilt. This restricts trimming of oak trees from February through June.
  • Contact Burnet County to obtain a 911 Address aka a Street Address. Burnet County does not allow 911 addressing on vacant or undeveloped land; however, if you are clearing your land and plan to begin building within six months, you may apply by following this link.  Click Here
  • You may clear your land, including trees and brush; however, no earth excavation or building activities may be conducted without prior written approval from the ACC. Denuding of ground that causes erosion must be taken care of by use of silt fence, seed, mulch, or other erosion control, as needed.
  • Mulch in place or remove the debris within 30 days of commencement of any clearing activities. Please do not clear your lot with any type of “Cedar-Eater” as they create slash which is not allowed.  All brush & trees must be finely mulched into small pieces or cleared from your lot.
  • Get a gate code for any contractor who requires access to the community. Request a gate code from our community access team at: Using your personal gate code for contractors is prohibited.
  • Make sure your contractor uses wheeled vehicles instead of those with tracks. Tracks are hard on our roads, and you may be responsible for any damage done by vehicles with tracks. Unloading and loading equipment on roadways is prohibited.
  • Be aware, only after approval of your construction application by the ACC can any construction, including temporary driveways, be started on your property.
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