Why do residents like living in Whitewater Springs?

There are many reasons, including:

  • The beauty of the land.
  • The infrastructure of the subdivision, including our well-maintained roadways and the Whitewater Springs Water Supply Corporation.
  • The many activities and natural beauty of the land and surrounding areas and towns.
  • The quality of homes in the subdivision.
  • The friendliness of our neighbors.
  • The true sense of community.

The Beauty of the Land

The first thing that visitors notice is the natural beauty of Whitewater Springs.  When you come here, you know you are truly in the internationally famous Texas Hill Country.  You will find almost every kind of land that exists in the Hill Country here in Whitewater Springs.  We have homes nestled alongside beautiful creeks with crystal clear water flowing over limestone bottoms.  Other homes command magnificent views reaching out across valleys and canyons as far as the eye can see.

Whitewater Springs is home to abundant wildlife such as deer, wild turkey, quail, hummingbirds, hawks, roadrunners, cardinals, jays, painted buntings, mockingbirds and many other species of birds.  Small mammals such as armadillos, foxes, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, ringtails and squirrels are often seen.  Occasionally, you will hear coyotes at night and an occasional female mountain lion and her cub have even been spotted.


In the spring, wildflowers are abundant and surround many of our homes. In the fall, red oak and other varieties of trees display brilliant reds, oranges and yellows.


Whitewater Springs became the first group of homeowners in Burnet County to become certified as a Firewise Community in 2007. The Firewise Committee helps owners learn how to protect their properties from wildfires.

Over one-third of Whitewater Springs residents have had their properties certified by the National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Wildlife Habitats. In 2011, Whitewater Springs became the second certified Community Wildlife Habitat in the entire state of Texas. The only other site is the city of Austin.

There are a number of private lakes and ponds in Whitewater Springs and a POA committee of residents oversees the stocking of game fish in the largest lake, Whitewater Springs Lake, which covers 12+ acres.  The committee also manages the aquatic life in that lake to encourage a population of even larger fish in the future.

Infrastructure of the Subdivision

Whitewater Springs has an infrastructure that includes water, electrical and telephone utilities which are all located underground to preserve the natural beauty of our subdivision.

Our water system is owned by our property owners and operates as a non profit Texas Corporation allowing us to maintain our costs and expenses better than publicly owned water corporations.  We enjoy very good quality water that is brought to each of our homes.

Electricity is provided by the Pedernales Electric Coop which furnishes power throughout our region at extremely competitive rates.

Telephone service is provided by Frontier Telephone.

There are several committees of local residents and property owners who maintain some of the existing subdivision infrastructure and report to the POA’s Board of Directors.

Whitewater Springs is a gated community providing a level of security to residents.  The Security Committee ensures that all residents and non-resident property owners have the appropriate access to our subdivision and that the gates are in working order.  Access by authorized visitors and contractors is also controlled by this committee.

The Road Committee oversees and budgets for the maintenance of all subdivision roadways, of which there are about 10 miles of hard-top chip-and-seal roadways extending throughout the subdivision.

The Pool Committee ensures that the community swimming pool located at the subdivision’s park along Cow Creek is maintained properly and ready for property owner use.

The Wildlife Habitat and Commons Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the roadways are mowed timely and neatly and that the landscaping at the front entrance and subdivision’s pool and park are maintained.

Surrounding Area and Towns

Whitewater Springs is located in one of the most beautiful and interesting areas in Texas and is within minutes of just about any activity desired.  Drive three miles south from the front gate on FM 1174 and you will see Lake Travis in the distance.  Lake Buchanan and the beautiful Inks Lake are about thirty minutes away to the west.

Lake Marble Falls, just to the southwest, can be enjoyed from the outside balcony of various restaurants in Marble Falls, where diners can enjoy the activities on the lake and view the Highway 281 Bridge.  During the early summer, we enjoy Boat Fest, where drag racing boats from all over the country come to race on Lake Marble Falls.  During Christmas, the city has a Texas-famous light show at the lake for everyone to see, and it draws people in from hundreds of miles away.

View from the dining deck at Chili’s restaurant in Marble Falls.

Turn right out of our front gate, drive a mile to the Cow Creek bridge, and turn left onto Cow Creek Road (CR 328), and you will be on one of the most beautiful 13-mile drives in Texas. On this drive you will see 6 foot waterfalls, limestone cliffs, rolling hills, green pastures, and historic ranch houses. When you reach the end of the road, turn left then turn right, and head toward our local winery, Flat Creek Winery, for some great wine and wonderful food.

The simple act of driving into Marble Falls for grocery shopping and errands can be a fun experience, taking the 20-minute scenic drive along FM 1431.

Shopping in Marble Falls isn’t limited to routine items either.  The charming town of Marble Falls has chic boutiques and gift shops, as well as many restaurants, including several which have garnered rave reviews by gourmets as far away as Houston and Dallas, such as the Bluebonnet Café, which has been in business on Highway 281 for over 75 years.  It was also recently voted the #1 best place to have breakfast in Texas by Texas Highways magazine subscribers.  You can also enjoy Pie Happy Hour every weekday afternoon at the Bluebonnet Café!

Highway 1431 to Marble Falls.

Need to go to the local post office?

Whitewater Springs is serviced by the U.S. Post Office located in Bertram, Texas, … just fifteen minutes away.  When driving to the Bertram Post Office, you’ll pass through Oatmeal, Texas, home of the world famous Oatmeal Festival which is held every September.  National Oats, the makers of 3 Minutes Brand Oatmeal, is a major sponsor of this festival which began in 1978 and you are encouraged to “bring your Honey to Oatmeal” when attending.

As you drive to and through Oatmeal during spring time, you’ll see beautiful wildflowers all along the road.

On the way to Bertram, you could decide to turn right on FM 1869, just three miles north of Whitewater Springs and drive to historic Liberty Hill.  Bet ya’ didn’t know Liberty Hill has an international sculpture park, did ya’?  Well it does.  Late in the 1970’s a well known sculptor, Mel Fowler, moved to Liberty Hill, set up a gallery at his residence there and organized an international sculpture symposium one summer.  Sculptors came from all over the world to work on their pieces.  Liberty Hill residents provided them with meals and rooms since there were no hotels or motels nearby at the time.  Part of the “deal” was that they had to leave their works of art in Liberty Hill.  So voila!  A sculpture park was created that has been featured in the Texas Highways magazine.

Whitewater Spring is located in Burnet County and the city of Burnet is the county seat.  Not to be outdone by other small towns in the area, Burnet is experiencing a restoration of its historic buildings and is adding its own charm to the area.  Its new city park is good example of Burnet’s appreciation of quiet and beauty.

No trip to the Texas Hill Country is complete without a visit to the quaint German town of Fredericksburg.  It’s only a short one-hour drive from Whitewater Springs.  Visitors from all over the world flock there for the shopping, great food, dozens of charming Bed & Breakfasts, some of the best peaches in the world, Christmas tours and quaint Sunday houses.

Exotic game reserves are just a short drive down the road for that special “trophies mount”.  And, if you just have a “big city fix”, Austin is less than an hour’s drive.  Close to the Austin airport, great shopping, Trader Joe’s Market, Costco, Whole Foods, and casual and fine dining abound in the area.  You can walk through downtown Austin, visit the Capitol grounds, and take a tour of the Capitol building.  Nearby is the Bob Bullock State History Museum and IMAX Theater.

Quality of Homes in the Subdivision

Everyone likes to live in a neighborhood of nice homes.  To live in such a neighborhood is pleasing to the eye and it contributes to the investment value of a home.  The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) of the Whitewater Springs development set minimum standards of quality and size for all homes built here.  The CCRs are strictly enforced by the Whitewater Springs Property Owners Association.

You will see some of the most beautiful Custom homes in the Hill Country when driving through Whitewater Springs. No two homes are the same, every homeowner builds their “Dream Home” to meet the needs of their family.

Friendly Community

All kinds of people live in Whitewater Springs.  There are young couples with children, folks who work in Austin, artists and retirees enjoying the good life after finishing interesting, productive and challenging careers.  One thing is common to everyone who lives here though.  Everyone is friendly and helpful to their neighbors.  If someone experiences an illness or has to take an unexpected trip away from home, it’s not unusual for a neighbor to look after their house without being asked.

Some of the women who live here have monthly get-togethers at one of their homes or at a nearby restaurant..  A neighborhood bridge group meets twice monthly, usually at a restaurant in Marble Falls or surrounding area.  A quilting group meets monthly at someone’s home.  Folks meet and chat at our community swimming pool.  There is an annual Christmas party hosted by one of the residents.  And occasionally, folks just meet at the pavilion in the park area near the swimming pool to visit and share a potluck meal. Many of our residents belong to the local area Master Gardeners or Master Naturalists groups.  Many are also avid bird watchers, and this is a great place for doing just that.

Whitewater Springs is more than just a subdivision or neighborhood…it’s a community.

So…………that’s why the residents of Whitewater Springs love it here so much!!!