The following information is presented in an effort to maintain security in our community and make access as easy as possible for all authorized people and businesses. Property owners are asked to abide by these guidelines and help keep our gated community a safe and secure place to live.

Each property owner will be given a four-digit access code to open the main gate. If you need a code, contact our security person at  Provide your name, address, phone number, lot number and email address where available. Security will be in touch to issue a gate code.
Remember to use the # key before you key in your code numbers. If you have just purchased a home or lot here you will need to get an access code from security prior to your visits, allow 1-2 days for this to happen please. you can email security at for this access, include your full name, phone, email and lot number of address. For security reasons, please do not share your gate code with anyone other than your immediate family.
If we find that this request is not honored, the Security Committee  / POA Board reserve the right to notify you that your code will be changed and a new code issued. Continued violation of this request may cause you to use the Contractor access system.
Visitors will gain access by using the call box at the main gate.  Each resident’s name will be available in the call box and can be displayed in the information window on the box. By pressing the large buttons (A or Z) on the front of the call box the names will scroll by one name at a time each time the button is pressed.  When the proper resident’s name appears in the information window, the visitor will press the large call button. This action will dial the phone in the home of the displayed residence and their phone will ring. The resident answers the phone identifies the guest and presses  9 on their phone. The gate will open and the call is disconnected.    Note there is POOR Cell service at the front gate.
When a contractor has a legitimate reason to access our community, they will be issued a code.  This code will be valid for a specific time period and will expire at the end of that period. By using this system, we have a log available to show which contractors have entered the community and when they were on site.
Subcontractors will use the same procedure and will use the code issued to the contractor.
When a property owner needs the services of a real estate agent, that owner will have to set up access through WWS Security. Please do not give your gate code to the real estate agent. Once the need is established, the agent will use the same procedure as a contractor.