This section is for all WWS Property owners, it includes various topics of interest to all homeowners and builders who will be building here in the community.  This area also has details about security, our water company, Regulations and building requirements.

Pool Restrooms are closed until further notice.  A new facility will be built for 2017 to be ready in July.

As many of you already know we have updated the front gate access system with  all new entrance codes for the current property owners and will be soon issuing  new numbers to all property owners who do not have homes here yet. If you would  like to have a remote access transmitter you can purchase one at this web site:The device is a Linear Delta-3 and  may be acquired from .

Then send an email to for instructions  and your gate code on how to program it for use. And as a reminder, please DO  NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ACCESS CODE TO ANYONE, INCLUDING CONTRACTORS, if your  contractor needs access they should call you at the gate, or you can contact for a temporary  contractor access code.

Also all homeowners need an Automobile windshield sticker ( WWS ) to be placed  on the lower LEFT side of the front window that shows  you are a resident.  This effort we hope will reduce the number of unauthorized entrances into our  community. Security can provide these for you also.

Outdoor Burning Information- Outdoor Burning Info