This Section will guide a new Lot or Homeowner to the areas here that may be helpful in planning your home.

If you are in the process of purchasing a lot or have done so recently this section may help guide you around our web site.

First of all you should look at the Architectural Access Tab on the top, there you will find many items you will be needing prior to doing any building.  Many people just browse over it and then plow ahead with limited building permits or approvals only to find themselves stopped in the process by not having the proper approvals or permissions.  Remember Ask first, it will save you a lot of time and heartache.

Second check out the Water Company web site , if you don’t have water to your lot yet that will be a requirement and a expense you have to pay for so get that process started soon if you wish to build.

Third check out the Security Tab, if you have a lot or a home, you will need access to our gated community, ask Security and they can set you up, remember your SECURITY CODE should NOT be given out to anyone! All cares should also have a WWS Sticker on the lower Left Drivers side of the windshield, you can get this from Security.

HOA business, we meet on a regular basis at the Bertram Library for our HOA meetings, Agenda and Meeting minutes will be posted when they are available from the HOA Board.  Agendas are posted 72 hours to all HOA meetings.

Use of facilities, as a property owner you are entitled to utilize all of the community facilities, that includes the Big Lake, the community Pool and Cow Creek.  If you have friends or relatives who wish to use the pool you must be with them when doing so.

Outdoor Burning Information- Outdoor Burning Info