Owning property in Whitewater Springs requires each property owner to adhere to and follow the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of  Whitewater Springs Subdivision (DCCRs). (Hosted on our management website Goodwin) The DCCRs exist to protect the beauty of the subdivision as well as the values of all owners’ properties.  A condition defined in the DCCRs establishes the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) which has sole authority on enforcing the covenants and this includes reviewing and approving any new home constructions in the subdivision as well as any modifications/additions to existing dwellings.

The Property Owners Association has developed procedures for property owners to follow in order to submit and receive approval from the ACC for any new home constructions or modifications/additions to existing dwellings.   These procedures have been designed to ensure that every request is handled consistently and fairly.  The required submission forms will aid property owners in obtaining the proper materials that are required for ACC review.


If a property owner is considering building a new dwelling on his lot, he should ensure that he has reviewed all POA information related to new home constructions including the proper submission forms and the DCCRs.  Absolutely no work is to begin, including excavations, until the ACC has reviewed all plans.

Required Submission Forms:


Residents who have an existing dwelling on their lot and wish to make any exterior modifications/additions/fencing or outbuildings to their structures MUST submit plans for those changes to the ACC for review.

Absolutely no work is to begin until the ACC has reviewed all plans. 

Failure to obtain ACC approval for any changes to an existing structure may result in the property owner being required to restoring the dwelling to its previous condition.

Required Submission Forms:

After completing all of the forms and attaching all drawings and appropriate documents, mail them via  U.S. Postal Service (do not send by FedEx, UPS or courier) to the indicated address on the submission forms. You can also send your documents electronically via email to acc@wwspoa.com

REMEMBER: Since the ACC requires 30 days to review and approve/disapprove plans after it has received all necessary forms and information, property owners must allow plenty of time before planning the start of construction.


Since Whitewater Springs is a gated community, all contractors and builders must contact Whitewater Springs Security for obtaining access through the entrance gates.  Please visit the Whitewater Springs Security page for information on how to obtain contractor access to the subdivision.

All construction (NEW OR IMPROVEMENT) vehicles MUST use the lower ROAD (First Left after the gate entrance) for all in-out traffic, this road is constructed for heavier traffic than our regular roads.  Please inform ALL your contractors, moving trucks, cement trucks & Subs of this.