As some of you have seen a few of us were out today taking assessments of areas in the community that have fallen behind in maintenance or are just in need of various repairs. What the board is going to be doing in the near future is to locate a General Maintenance group that can provide various skills to accommodate what we need to be worked on. Today we went with the company that mows the community to see what is needed to improve the looks and take care of some of the issues brought up by various people in the community to see if they might be able to take on these added items.

Proposals will be taken in the following days to hopefully be given to the board at the August POA meeting for discussion and approval so these items can be taken care of.

As many of you know the community has donated thousands of man hours over the life of the community with volunteers who have done excellent jobs taking on these repairs. But as the community ages and grows volunteer’s burn out or are busy with other things and our maint items fall on the back burner and just don’t seem to get done any longer. This is understandable and we need to face the issue that we need a professional group to take over what we cannot do any longer.

We all have tried very hard to help keep our costs down and in reality I think you all have done a excellent job in doing this over the years and we all appreciate the efforts of ALL those who have donated time, materials and money to make our community what it is today.

Going forward we need to get a group that can do this for us, it will cost and none of us want higher fees than we already pay for. We talked about that for a short while and think that it can be within the current budget limits with the regular assessments to provide this type of service to our community without any additional expenses incurred by property owners.

More details on this will be presented at the August POA meeting so if you would like to voice your opinion on this matter please plan to attend the meeting.

It has been noticed that there still are a few folks who are not following the HOA Rules in the following areas and I have been asked to post this in behalf of the HOA Board.

1.. When you are building have your contractors police the area for trash and clean up around the job site on a regular basis, nobody likes to see trash blowing all over. 2.. Please instruct your deliveries and construction people to OBEY the traffic SPEEDS! 3.. Residents also please remember that we have a SPEED LIMIT of 25 MPH in the community! 4.. Off road vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to drive on the roads OR AT THE LAKE AREA like the ones we saw today.